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Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS service is one of the most important features that keeps your customers informed at all times. Transactional SMS helps your business gain faith and become trustable very quickly. Presently transactional SMS is used by all type of industries in almost all kind of sectors. We at ‘’ understand that very well. So we walk an extra mile by giving best service at tailor package as needed by your company. At ‘’ we make a priority to provide the best service in the industry. Choosing ‘’ services you can easily reach out your customers in a fast and trouble free manner all round the clock.

Use Cases

Transactional SMS can generally be used for various kind of purpose like SMS Alerts, OTP generation, Service status , Transactional details, Purchase confirmation, Notification and for numerous other purpose. Transactional SMS can be generated 24/7 automatically from your account, letting your customers know about their transaction or their product status.

Power to your Business

Transactional SMS is a powerful feature that can be used in various way which can prove to your customers that your company’s service is one of its kind. For service such as ‘SMS ALERT’, Transactional SMS can be used for purpose like warning, or to notify to a user that he is over using limited services. For eg- If your customer is about to finish his credit limit, you can notify him by sending Transactional SMS that his permitted credit limit is going to get over soon and advice him to recharge it to have uninterrupted services. For ‘OTP SMS’ generation, transactional SMS is the only tool that gives great result. Situation like password generation and account verification transactional SMS is perfect.

Service industries like Logistics, Online segregator module business, Transport, etc. Transactional SMS can be used as a ‘Service status’ alert tool. It can notify progress status for particular service and keep the customer informed about the whereabouts. Logistics and similar services industries can use it for sending location status to their customers to notify scheduled progress. Similarly on transactional and Purchase conformation transactional SMS is used for sending SMS for particular purchase or for particular transaction. Transaction SMS can also be used for sending various other notification alerts such as SMS for a particular enquiry previously done or SMS on interaction done.


Being one of the expert in the industry, we help our clients get best results. In , we understand our customers’ needs, and suggest the best solution in which they can provide best service to their clients. We make the whole process of sending Transactional SMS melt down to a single account from where you can easily send SMS to your targeted customers.

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